Whats Andalucía Bike Race presented by Shimano?

It is a six day mountain bike stage race. It’s an individual race, which overall classification is established by the addition of the times of each stage. It’s an international competition which has the approval of the International Cycling Union (UCI).

Each day a stage of approximately 70 kilometers and 2,000 meters of climbing is raced. It takes place in the provinces of Córdoba and Jaén (Andalusia, Spain), and the routes are circular, starting and finishing at the same town.


Which are the requirements to participate?

Being older than 18 and having a competition cycling license. This can be annual or temporary (one day licenses). Any of them must be approved by the International Cycling Union (UCI) and issued by the corresponding national cycling federation. The majority of licenses satisfy these requirements. Temporary licences (insurance) for the race can be issued through the organisation.


What does it imply to be an UCI XCS class 1 race?

It is a race that scores for the international ranking established by the International Cycling Union (UCI). There are three categories, HC, 1 and 2 (from most to least relevant). Accomplishing the UCI’s demands implies high quality and safety standards.


For elite athletes, the UCI awards points according to the final overalla classification. These score for an annual world ranking which also determines the qualification and starting position for other world class competitions such as Olympic Games, World Cups, World and Continental Championships.


Why have these dates been chosen?

It is the start of the season and therefore the ideal time to start racing. Athletes are full of motivation and teams are full of hope. The professional mountain bikers still do not have a compromised schedule neither an excessive pressure for their results. Also, foreigners are in the middle of winter, with weather difficulties to train outside and Andalucía offers a formidable climate to train; warm temperatures and blue skies.


Why does the race start on a Sunday and ends on a Friday?

To favor the participants’ traveling, optimizing their working days and being able to travel during the weekend. Those who wish to can spend days previous or after the competition doing tourism or riding more trails!


Why do you sleep at hotels instead of in tents?

The organisation wants to make the participant feel really comfortable. Make an amateur feel as a professional during the whole week, offering him the best services and comfort; individual bathrooms, sleeping on beds, ideal ambience temperature, wardrobes for all the clothes, restaurants, Internet access, etc. This helps recovery and allows to perform and enjoy the race better. It is also ideal for companions who do not wish to follow each stage but stay comfortable and be able to spend their time doing other activities.


Why in the cities of Córdoba and Linares (Jaén)?

They are two cities that offer all the necessary services and, what is most important, exceptional mountain biking routes! Being close to a city makes the trip easier since there are several transport options, proximity to hospitals, possibility of doing tourism, entertainment for companions, multiple and variety of accommodation and restaurants, etc.


Is it an itinerant event?

Partially. The event and all its services settles in two cities, Córdoba and Linares (Jaén). All the race is coordinated from them and transfers are carried out to the different subvenues if necessary.


How to get to and leave from the main race venues?

If you are planning to fly, the airports nearest to the two main venues are Málaga or Sevilla. Both airports are approximately one and a half hours on highway from both venues. From these you can arrange a shuttle service. Hiring a vehicle is the best option so that you can move around the venues or from one venue to another with freedom. Both possibilities can be managed contacting with the travel agency offered by the organisation.


You can also travel by train. Jaén does not have AVE (high speed train) but does have several conventional trains, as well as bus station. Córdoba has AVE, that allows carrying up diverse luggage, including a bicycle. More information.


Where are the neuralgic centres of the race located?

There are two main neuralgic centres where the paddock and the participant’s services are located:

  • Córdoba: Hacienda de la Albaida.

  • Linares: Fairs ground.


Their exact location can be checked at the official website www.andaluciabikerace.com, in the “Venues” section.

All stages have start and finish at the same location but the riders will have to move around the town to take the start, get to the paddock or return to their hotel.


The first stage will be raced in a venue nearby Córdoba and third one will take place in a different town and will serve as a transition day before the race settles in the second venue (Linares).


Which is the weather forecast?

Andalucía has a mild climate, with an expected temperature during that period of approximately 15ºC in Córdoba and 11ºC in Linares. Generally you can race in short garments but it’s recommended to have certain warm clothes; long sleeve jersey, arm warmers, leg warmers, vest and rain jacket.


I would like to have media coverage. Do I have any chance?

Besides the race’s results, if you have an interesting story, you can obviously be a main character. Contact us through media@andaluciabikerace.com and tell us your story.




Which is the registration price?

Until the 18th of December 2016 (inclusive): 390 € per participant. From the 19th of December and until the 22nd of January 2017 (inclusive): 450 € per person.


Does the race have a limited number of participants?

For 2017 the registration is limited to 1.000 participants.


In which category should we register?

Cycling licenses are valid for a year (until the 31st of December), so you must register in the category that your license will show for the next season. If you have never had a license and will have one, the best thing you can do is to check with your federation. It must be a racing license! If you will not have an annual cycling license, you must issue a temporary one through the organisation.


The categories in which you can take part are:

  • Elite (women and men): since the year you turn 19 and onwards.

  • Master women: since the year you turn 30 and onwards.

  • Master 30 men: since the year you turn 30 and until 39.

  • Master 40 men: since the year you turn 40 and until 49.

  • Master 50 men: since the year you turn 50 and until 59.

  • Master 60 men: since the year you turn 60 and onwards.


What if I want UCI points and prize money?

UCI points and prize money are only granted to those who hold an Elite and/or Under 23 license.


Which license is valid?

The only license which is valid is a national/international cycling license for racing and that is into effect. Any other regional, touring or sport license (triathlon, mountaineering, etc.) is not valid. Check it with your cycling federation!


What happens if I’m about to pick-up my start number and my license isn’t valid?

You’ll be able to start! You’ll have to issue a temporary license for the days of the race, which has an additional cost.


Im a foreigner, should I carry any especial document?

According to the Royal Spanish Cycling Federation (RFEC) regulations, foreign participants holding an annual cycling license and not issued by the RFEC, must have a written authorisation from their national cycling federation certifying that their insurance is valid in Spain.


What does the registration include?

  • On-line and in-person customer service.

  • Right to take part in the competition. 

  • Official jersey.

  • Personalised plate and start number.

  • Stage profile stickers.

  • Registration gifts. 

  • Finisher gift (if achieved).

  • Farewell lunch (after the last stage).

  • Electronic timing and live tracking.

  • Electronic timing control device.

  • Course marking and marshals.

  • Sweep vehicles.

  • Liquid and solid feed zones (at least three per day). 

  • Medical assistance on and off the course.

  • Bicycle washing area. 

  • Guarded bicycle parking. 

  • Cloakroom.

  • Toiltes.

  • Other free services at the paddock.


What are the numbered wristbands I get for?

You must always wear one during the competition in order to identify yourself as a participant and have access to restricted areas, to collect your belongings or bicycle, etc.

The other wristbands are to identify your belongings if they are handed out to the organisation.


Can I buy the official rider’s jersey?

The official jersey cannot be bought, it is exclusive for participants. If you’re a participant you can also purchase a matching bib short, as well as other souvenir garments.


If I register and due to any reason cannot attend, do I get the money back?

Cancellations and/or changes must be submitted by e-mail to registration@andaluciabikerace.com and entail the following penalties applied to the entry fee, hired services and products purchased:

    • Ownership changes: 5% penalty.

    • Cancellations until December 18th 2016: no penalty.

    • Cancellations from December 19th 2016 until January 22nd 2017: 20% de penalización.

    • Cancellations after January 22nd 2017: not refundable. Transfer to the next edition.


Registration transfers will only be valid for one edition, otherwise the entry fee will be lost. If the next edition’s entry fee and/or services’ price increases, it will be compulsory to pay the difference in order to transfer the registration.




Is there a physiotherapy service for the participants?

Yes and there are two options which you must hire in the registration platform:

  • Basic (185 €). Five 30 minute sessions (Sunday to Thursday) after each stage at the paddock. Focused only on loosening the legs.

  • Expert (315 €). Seven 45 minute sessions (Saturday to Friday) after each stage at the paddock. Includes warm-up massage before stages and any treatment to relief pain or injuries (taping, acupunture, etc.).


Is there a maintenance bicycle service?

There are two possibilities. Shimano’s official technical service or a private service. Shimano offers assistance to all participants. Its truck is always located at the paddock and its Blue Cars cover some strategic points of each stage. Their assistance is free, following the order of arrival and capacity. Spare parts aren’t included.


If you prefer to have a personalised service, you can hire it during the registration process (250 €). Multi-brand service which includes labor work for all necessary repairs after each stage. Requires completing an on-line form with the bicycle’s especifications in order to ensure the service and stock of all spare parts (or compatible). Does not include the cost of spare parts nor bicycle washing. The bicycle must be handed clean!


Where can I wash my bicycle?

At the paddock there’s a reserved space with numerous hoses and stands for the participant to wash the bicycle.


Where can I store my bicycle?

There’s a reserved, roofed and guarded space at the paddock to leave the bicycle. Access restricted only to participants whose bracelet much match with the bicycle’s number in order to be removed.


Is there any service which includes everything?

The Premium Pack is a full board service, perfect for those who only worry about pedaling during the six days of the race and be very closely looked after. Feel like a professional mountain biker! Live with them, have everything you need and personalised care for only 1.450 €.

[More information]


How can I get photos of my participation?

The Sportograf company will offer its service during the entire race, shooting all participants. A few days after the race has finished, these can be purchased through the website www.sportograf.com.




Where can I stay?

The participants can stay where they consider best. The organisation has an agreement with a travel agency to coordinate the lodging and with different rates. Any other people joining or any other travel necessity can be hired through this travel agency.

The hotels nearest to the paddock can be checked at the official website, in the “Accommodation” section. Book your accommodation to leave Córdoba on Wednesday morning (1st of March 2017) and enter Linares (Jaén) that same day - the fourth day of competition.

  • Nights until Wednesday 1st of March 2017: Córdoba.

  • Nights from Wednesday 1st of March 2017: Linares (Jaén).


Is there camping space or an area for motorhomes?

The organisation has not established any camping area. Those who wish to do so, must obey the regional laws and areas established for it.


Are the meals included in the registration or accommodation price?

Meals are not included. The participants are free to have lunch or dinner where they prefer, or can book half board service at the hotel. Both paddocks have dinning services available, where you can eat after each stage.




Can I do the transfers with my vehicle?

The organisation doesn’t offer a transfer service. You must travel to the different venues on your own vehicle, or find the way to do so. You won’t have any problem in getting to the different venues nor to park it at the paddock.




The paddock has electricity and water?

Only if you hire it. The organisation only offer a certain amount of space and a common area to wash the bicycles. Check the conditions here: Paddock


Are there showers at the paddock?

At the paddock or at some nearby facility.


Can I do whatever I want in my paddock space?

Yes, as long as it is not business matter, rewarded or not, without having it been approved beforehand by the organisation.


Do I have to put up and down the paddock each day?

It’s not necessary. There’s a security service at the paddock but it is convenient to put things away in a secure place. The organisation is not responsible for what has not been properly put away.




Is the route accessible for anyone?

The routes are demanding but accessible by any person who regularly practices mountain biking. They have been designed so that the race is a challenge but offering also great fun. During the design, the landscape beauty and the flowy singletracks have predominated, avoiding as much as possible excessively dangerous stretches, which if unavoidable, can be overcome walking without any problem and not losing much time. It is a mountain bikeing race which demands technical skills and a moderate physical preparation.


Which is the race schedule?

All stages start at 10:00. The rest of the schedule is published in the official website. Any change will be announced through it and those that happen during the competition will be released at the Race Office.


How are the stages maked?

The whole route has arrows. You only have to follow the red, blue or yellow signs, which change each day. Each ten kilometers and the final five have signs indicating the distance to the finish line.


Do I need a device to follow the stages?

It’s not necessary to have or use a GPS to complete the stages.


Where can I find more information about the stages?

All the maps and stage profiles will be published on the race’s official website, in the “Route” section. Any change will be announced on the official website and those that could happen during the competition will be released at the Race Office.


Is the traffic closed during the stages?

No. It is opened traffic although properly controlled and guarded by the police and race officers. You must ride on the right hand side of the tracks or roads, and pay special attention at road entrances, crossroads, etc.


What should I do if I have to withdraw in the middle of a stage?

If you can ride, the best is to reach an aid station or control point. If you can’t, both the number plates and the route signs have a telephone number which can be called. This number is only available for emergency purposes at any moment. It is not an information number!

Besides this, there are marshals along the stages and motor bikers constantly checking the participants along route.


Can I receive mechanical or feeding assistance at any time?

No! You can only have external help at the technical assistance and/or aid stations. Anyone who receives assistance or feeding at a place not stablished for it will be disqualified.


Can I warm-up with clothes, take them off at the start and collect them after the stage although I do not have staff to help me out?

Yes, as long as the garments are delivered inside a closed bag and numbered with one of the wristbands provided by the organisation. Free garments will not be accepted. There will be a vehicle from the organisation to deliver the numbered bags and that transfers all to the finish line, where each participant can collect his bag, being previously identified.




Which prizes are there for each category?

There is prize money for the men and women UCI Elite categories according to the UCI regulations for class 1 stage races. Master categories will receive trophies and prizes. Trophies will be awarded to the first three of each stage and category, and final overall classification. The leader jersey is given each day to the first rider of the overall classification of each category. The awarded categories are:

Elite Men.

Elite Women.

Master Women.

Master 30.

Master 40.

Master 50.

Master 60.


What does being Finisher mean?

If you completle all stages obeying the race’s regulations, you are officially a Finisher and you are given a special prize for achieving it!


What happens if I have to withdraw?

You are disqualified and cannot appear in the results but can continue taking the start and enjoying the race. UCI Elite teams can only continue riding outside the result list if allowed by the UCI Commissaire.